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IGN review September 16, 2003 – When the original WWF Rawhit the Xbox in early 2002, the system was still brand new and desperate for blockbuster titles. That first WWF game was thin on features and overall depth but we were smitten by the game’s wrestling engine and it’s potential to deliver the next great wrestling experience to surpass the N64’s WWF No Mercy. Nearly two years later, Anchor brings us WWE Raw 2 to fulfill that promise.

It doesn’t, but Raw 2 does come pretty close.

More wrestlers, more match types, a deeper create-a-wrestler feature and a true season mode are just what Raw 2 needed to surpass its predecessor and that’s just what we’re getting. Just like a roster update to your favorite sports game, the new characters added to Raw 2 are cause for the most excitement. Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Brock Lesnar lead the cast of new characters that’ll have wrestling fans buzzing over this game. Where Raw 2 comes up short however is in its overall presentation, believe it or not, and its shortcomings in the audio department. Throw in a few clipping problems here and there and a season mode that’s not as intuitive as it could be and Raw 2 ends up far from perfect but still very fun whether you’re playing solo or with friends. Read full IGN review

The Hurricane in WWE RAW 2

The Hurricane in WWE RAW 2


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